How to identify Top Gainer / Top Losers stock ?

By | February 25, 2018

How to identify Top Gainer / Top Losers stock ?

On 21st of Feb 2018 , I traded in IDBI , as per my trading strategy…..Here is details….

IDBI stock is Top gainer on that day at NSE (National Stock Exchange )….Here is details….

Few novice traders , ask me same question – How to identify Top gainers / Top Losers stock ?….

For them Here are steps :

Step 1 : Find out 50 stocks which had shown strong move within very short time

Step 2 : Open chart of these stocks (Time frame , you can choose whichever is suitable to your mindset)

Step 3 : Based upon Technical Analysis Knowledge , Find out COMMON factor in all those moves….Here you required skills of Logical explanation and rational justification…..

Step 4  : Based upon that common technical factors ….make your trading rules…..Your trading strategy…..

Step 5 : Do proper Back Testing and Forward testing of this trading strategy….If you got positive result in both….then you can use this for live trading…..

I had used above 5 steps to develop my own trading strategy…..(To know more about my Intra Day trading strategy kindly CLICK HERE )….

I had track record of my trading strategy since Dec 2016…..Legitimate and bonafide record …..with exchange Execution order number and integrated net position……

Same process you can follow……

If you FOLLOW your trading rule…..Money will FOLLOW you……


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