Conscious Trading : Way to become PROFITABLE Day Trader

By | April 7, 2018

Conscious Trading : Way to become PROFITABLE Day Trader

         Are you losing money in trading ? …..Plz don’t lie….Most of day traders lose all his money within first three to six months. …. Frankly speaking I also had same experience in early days of my trading career. So , If you are losing money in day trading , don’t feel shy or ashamed. Losing money in trading is not crime. Losing trade is part of trading game.

      If you are losing money in early phase of your trading career , then it is not completely your fault. It is part of learning process. You must have to give FEE to market. But you are losing money continuously day after day , week after week , month after month , year after year ….and still not understanding – why Am I not able to make money in day trading ?…..Then it is your fault…..Following concept will explain reason – Why you are losing money in day trading ? and What is solution to become CONSISTENTLY successful Day Trader ?

     In early phase of trading career , novice trader only focus on technical skills. Learning so many technical strategies , Doing so many Technical analysis workshops , Studying so many Technical analysis books , watching so many Technical guru’s videos on internet and still not able to become profitable day trader ….Not able to do trading for living…. WHY????…..

To become PROFESSIONAL Trader ,
You need :
1.To TRADE like PRO – It is Technical Skill
2.To THINK like PRO – It is psychological skill

What are psychological skills required to become CONSISTENTLY Successful day trader ?

Why you need Patience ?
1.To wait till trading opportunity comes
2.To wait till output of that trading opportunity comes

Why you need Discipline ?
To follow trading rules.
After learning historically proven , properly back tested and profitable trading strategies , To execute that trading strategy in LIVE market in your own account on your hard earned money –You need discipline.
Once you able to FOLLOW your trading rule …..Money will automatically FOLLOW you…..

On What you need confidence ?
1.On your Trading strategy : Yes – this strategy is profitable
2.On YOURSELF : Yes – I am able to execute this profitable trading strategy without error, and more importantly  without any emotional discomfort.

All these psychological skills are :

What is mean by interlinked ?
They depend upon each other. Once you learn one skill then only you will be able to learn next skill.
Once you acquired skill of patience , then only you will be able to acquire skill of discipline.
(Discipline means simply trading without errors)
(Errors means simply not following your rules)
Once you acquired skill of patience and discipline , then only you will be able to follow profitable and proven trading strategies , and automatically you becomes profitable trader. This process builds confidence on Trading Strategy and confidence you YOURSELF.

What is mean by learnable ?
No mind is born to trade ….we have to develop it to trade….
Normally our mind is oriented towards perfection….But trading is not game of perfection…it is game of probability….So you must have to develop PROBABILISTIC mindset to become professional trader….
Those who are profitable traders , are normal human being like you and me , In one phase of their trading career they had also faced loss and frustration like you are currently facing….But after understanding importance of psychological skill, they had acquired it.

It PROVE that all highly sophisticated psychological skills required to become CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE day trader are LEARNABLE.

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