REAL Meaning of IntraDay Trading…..

By | July 29, 2018

REAL Meaning of IntraDay Trading…..

If you ask this question to novice trader or struggling trader then his simple & immediate  reply to this question is buying and selling of financial instrument within one trading session. But this is only theoretical definition of intraday trading without any practical realisation.

Intraday trading is all about self discovery and self Discipline.

Buying at low price and selling at Higher price and catch the price moment to make money is a theory part but the main question is HOW TO DO IT practically, without any emotional discomfort and without efforts, with ease??

To become a CONSISTENTLY successful day trader you must have to trade without fear.
Try to understand meaning of CONSISTENCY .
Consistent income from day trading means that income on which you can rely on. TRADING for LIVING.

Trading without fear is a learn mental skill.

Trading without fear is a function of Thinking from market perspective.

Thinking from market perspective is a function of understanding the real mechanism behind the price movement.(REAL nature of REALITY).

Understanding real mechanism behind the price moment is a function of understanding buy and sell order flow.

Understanding buy and sell order flow is a function of understanding anatomy of one single trade.

And once you understand the anatomy of one single trade then you will automatically understand the whole trading PROCESS.

Try understand implication of word PROCESS. Because to become CONSISTENTLY successful Day Trade is continuous on-going PROCESS , it is not one time EVENT.

One of most important  characteristic of Professional trader is : Professional Trader FOCUSES on process of trading , while struggling trader focuses on Output only.

Once you understand the real mechanism behind the price moment then you automatically becomes free from the erroneous assumption about the technical analysis. And once you become FREE from these erroneous assumptions about technical analysis, then only you will STOP searching for HOLY GRAIL trading strategy.

IntraDay Trading Strategy , is not something for which you can search.

Instead of searching for intra day trading strategy , allow strategy to search REAL YOU.


शिद्दत से मांगो तो खुदा भी मिलता हैं……Intra Day  Trading Strategy क्या चीज़ हैं…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
आयुष्यातील सगळ्या गोष्टी शोधून मिळत नसतात ……काही गोष्टी सापडाव्या लागतात……!!!!!!!


Don’t get trapped into Paralysis Of Analysis….

नहीं तो तुम जिंदगी गवा दो गे चाबी ढूंढने मैं ……और आखिर मैं जब चाबी मिलेगी …..तब पता चलेगा की …..किसीने टाला ही बदल दिया !!!!!!

Intra Day trading Strategy is TOOL to play in game of trading , You required your own TECHNIQUE to handle that Tool.

हर युद्ध का नतीजा तलवारों से नहीं होता …..
तलवार से ज्यादा धार , चलाने वाले की सोच मैं होनी चाहिए …!!!!!!

Once you become free from the erroneous assumption about the technical analysis then your all kind of Trading fear will dissolve band disappear. This disappearance is Permanent, Absolute and Complete.

Once you become free from fear then you will automatically become free from greed also. Because fear and greed are equal and opposite sides of same coin. As one goes second automatically disappears.

There are only two ways to make money in the trading business :

  1. Buy at low price and say at Higher price
  2. Sell at Higher price and then buy back at lower price

Means to make money there should be price moment.

And reason behind price moment is simply imbalance in buy and sell order flow.

Technical analysis helps to identify the imbalance between these buy and sell order flow on probabilistic basis.

Try to understand the implication of probability.

Trading is not a game of perfection it is a game of probability.

As per my last  10 years’ experience (Out of that 7 years I was CONSISTENT LOSER, and From last 3 years I am CONSISTENTLY Successful Trader , To check my REAL TRADE PROOF Since December 2016 kindly CLICK HERE ),

Day trading is simply :
Knowing  YOURSELF……
Being in the now moment…..
Thinking from market perspective…..
Accepting the Risk of Trading….
Making yourself available to the market…..
And accepting whatever market is offering to you from its prospective…..

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