129% Return in 30 Minutes in BankNifty Option Trading,Here is PROOF with Exchange Execution Order Number

By | October 6, 2018

On 5 Oct 2018 , as per my trading strategy I traded in BankNifty Option and made 129% return in 30 minutes here is PROOF with Exchange Execution Order Number , Executed Status and net integrated position of Day.

Before my entry I had already updated my Entry levels in my Telegram Channel , You can cross check with timing.

My Intra Day Trading Strategy is very simple :
I had developed my own trading strategy based upon my 12 years of experience to identify important psychological levels. And I trade according to that levels – either as BREAKOUT Trade OR REVERSAL Trade.
I don’t use any kind of indicator in my trading strategy , to know reason behind this kindly CLICK HERE

As per my trading strategy I calculated my Imp psychological levels and updated in my Telegram Channel (It is FREE Service)….Here is proof

I updated my Imp psychological level in my telegram channel at 9:15 AM in morning.
And I traded on that level on 2:50 PM 

Here is PROOF with exchange Execution Order Number and Executed Status

Here is NET integrated Position of Day

I bought BankNifty Call option at 290 around 2:50 PM and sold at 666 around 3:20 PM
Made  129% return in 30 minutes.

I updated in my Telegram channel about my ENTRY levels in LIVE market BEFORE my own trade ENTRY. You can cross check with timings.

Telegram Channel Updates in LIVE market is FREE service.
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Learn From that Trainer , who is TRADER himself and Trading in his own account.

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