FREE Day Trading Strategies Help !

How to Formulate / Built / Design Day Trading Strategies for Indian Stock / Share Market ?

To become CONSISTENTLY successful IntraDay trader , you must have PROFESSIONAL DAY TRADING STRATEGY which is historically proven , widely used by other traders and practical to execute.

Component of Professional Trading Strategies :
1.Criteria for Stock Selection : How to select Stock for IntraDay Trading ?
2.Entry Rule : When and at What rate to enter ?
3.Exit Rule : When and at What rate to exit ?
      3.1 Stop Loss Exit :
      3.2 Profit Exit :
            A)Partial Profit Exit
            B)Full profit Exit
            C)Trailing Stop Exit
4.Money Management : How to calculate quantity or Lot size ?
5. Back testing : To know whether trading strategy is profitable or not before start of live trading ?
6. Forward Testing : To know whether trading strategy is Practical or not ?
(During intraday whether we get sufficient time to place and execute order or not?)

Day Trading Strategies should be applicable to Equity (Cash + FnO) , Commodity and currency market.

If you are day trading in Indian share market , then check whether your Day Trading Strategies are fulfilling above criteria’s or not? …. If not then you must have to re-design your trading strategies.

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