IntraDay Trading Strategy Course

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IntraDay Trading Strategy :
1.How to select instrument/script/stocks for intraday trading ?
2.How to identify important psychological level from daily chart ?
3.What are the volume confirmation criteria of breakout candle ?
4.How to calculate Risk to Reward ratio ?
5.What is minimum Risk to Reward ratio required to execute trade ?
6.How to trail Stop loss?
7.Where to book complete  or partial profit ?
8.What type of money Management system we have to use ?
9.How to fix per trade risk ?
10.How to calculate lot size / number of share ?
11.When to stay away from market – How to know big news days ?
12.How to know that – Trading strategy which I teaches you is able to generate profit on consistent basis?
13.How to backtest and forward test any trading strategy?
14.How to build trust / confidence on your trading strategy?

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