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Learn Stock Market Courses from REAL Intra day Trader after checking  REAL trade proof since December 2016 (with exchange execution order number , executed status and net integrated position) To know more about  this CLICK HERE 

To become CONSISTENTLY Successful Intra Day Trader :
You must be able to
1.TRADE like Professional Trader : This is Technical skill
2.THINK like Professional Trader : This is Psychological skill

In Technical Skill – You must learn Professional Intra Day Trading Strategies ….

Component of Professional Trading Strategies :
1.Criteria for Stock Selection : How to select Stock for IntraDay Trading ? Out of Few thousand stocks available at NSE and BSE ….How to select CORRECT Stock for Day Trading ?
2.Entry Rule : How,When and at What rate to enter ?
3.Exit Rule : How ,When and at What rate to exit ?
      3.1 Stop Loss Exit :
      3.2 Profit Exit :
            A)Partial Profit Exit
            B)Full profit Exit
            C)Trailing Stop Exit
4.Money Management : How to calculate quantity or Lot size ?
5. Back testing : To know whether trading strategy is profitable or not before start of live trading ?
6. Forward Testing : To know whether trading strategy is Practical or not ?
(During intraday whether we get sufficient time to place and execute order or not?)
Detail step by step procedure to do backtesting and forward testing of ANY intraday trading strategies

Day Trading Strategies should be applicable to Equity (Cash + FnO) , Commodity and currency market.

If you are day trading , then check whether your Day Trading Strategies are fulfilling above criteria’s or not? …. If not then you must have to Register yourself for Stock Market Courses

This Stock Market Courses are ONLINE. And Highly Personal Training i.e. One-To-One . Not in Group.

Complete notes of training will be provided in written format with LIVE and REAL trade examples.

Time of ONLINE Stock market courses training will be adjusted according to your convenience.

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This Stock Market Course will end your struggle !!!!!!!

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