Trading Psychology Course

Trading Psychology :
1.Are you experiencing any kind of frustration , disapointment , anger , …etc or any other negative emotion because of failure or struggle in trading business?
2.Are you trying harder but still loosing money , Not able to make money consistently ?
3.Are you not able to maintain state of mind required to become consistantly successful trader?
4.Do you have urgency to make money ?
5.Are you expecting to catch each and every strong move to its full potential ?
6.Are you expecting to win in each and every trade ?

Trading Psychology Course Topic :
How to become CONSISTENTLY successful Trader ?
       Main Problem : FEAR of  loss
       Real Reason behind Fear
       How Fear develops?
       Solution to main trading ProblemAnatomy of Trade :
       How actually trade happens ?
Mechanism of price movement :
       Why to study price movement ?
       How price move from one tick level to another tick level ?
       Who are the players behind price movement ?
       Real Reason behind our profit Trades ?
       Real Reason behind our loss Trades ?
       How we depend upon other traders for our profit and loss ?
Limitation of Technical Analysis :
      What is mean by technical analysis ?
      Why to do technical analysis  ?
      What are limitation of technical analysis ?
      Reason behind limitation of technical analysis..
      How to overcome these limitations ?


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